Inexhaustible source of time.

The consciousness of time, a series of moments that string the days, weeks, months and years together in war, peace, happiness, love, misery and more misery. How much time is left? Can time also be time without a sense of time and can art also be art without a sense of time?

Both time and art are generative. But the special thing about time is that the more time is added, the less time is left for the individual himself. Adding time to the work is a final act that causes it to stop in time. A kind of holometabolic process has taken place that started with the manufacturer's very first attempt to produce paint, brushes, the canvas or otherwise until the final realization of the work.

With only an indication of the time when the last action was carried out without indication of a date, making it separate from reference periods. It is a reflection of time, just like the work of art, which continues a slow, arduous trajectory to arrive at the end at the beginning, after which the ritual is repeated again. It is there, just like the story of the moon that deceives us by pretending to give light, but in reality does nothing but reflect. The mention of time at work is a synonym of the story of the moon, a reflection of time, a sense of time that is there but also already gone. Does it give some meaning to the realization of the passage of time and also reflects the time yet to come.

In itself, the work or the time indicated is actually nothing more than a meaningless image or set of characters. It must then be given meaning, an interpretation of reality that gives perspective and meaning to the meaninglessness of a creation. The person who knows how to create his own meaning for the viewer and himself with his work has created a work of art.

Is time the critical factor or is that the art and ultimately is time itself a peripheral phenomenon and if we know that, does it matter or help?


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